Hertz Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Hertz Terms

Corporate Discount Program – this is the number that identifies your office/agency/department to Hertz and allows for separate reporting and tracking.
Hertz’s expedited, VIP traveler program. Travelers complete the Gold Profile form (Hertz Blank Agreement), and will receive an individual Gold number. Also the HCC Direct Bill can be tied to their Gold Profile.
Hertz Corporate Card – Direct Bill option through Hertz that can be tied to an individual traveler’s Gold Profile. Agency/Office/Department contacts receive monthly invoices for these billings. How to attach HCC to Gold (Adding Travelers to your Account). Also managing your HCC Account (Managing your HCC Billing Account).
Guaranteed Charge Card – Ghost Billing program attached to your P-Card. Does not work with Gold, but does allow the P-Card to be utilized as the form of payment for a rental. How to set up GCC program (GCC P-Card Program Letter).

Do I have to use my credit card when I rent a vehicle?

No, you will need your state I.D. card, driver's license. Hertz is working to create billings options either tied your agency’s P-Card or with a Direct Bill through Hertz Gold.

What about rental insurance?

Collision and liability insurance are included in the daily rates for the Hertz contract. Any damages in excess of the $1,000,000 liability coverage included in the contract rates would be covered through the State Legal Expense Fund which extends to the state employee engaged in authorized state business, not personal business.

What do I do if I am returning a car after hours?

Most locations have after hours drop boxes. Lock the vehicle and place the keys in the drop box.

Do I have to go to the rental agency to pick up my vehicle?

No, Hertz can deliver vehicles if prior arrangements are made with the local branch (24-48 hour notice) or you can request that we come and get you and bring you back to the office during normal operating hours.

How do I reserve a vehicle?

You have three options.

  • Call 1-800-654-3131, the Hertz Nationwide Reservation Line
  • Call the local office directly
  • Book through the Web Portal

Can I leave my car at the rental location?

At most locations you are able to leave your personal vehicle. However, you do park at your own risk as many lots are shared by other businesses.

How old are your vehicles?

The average age of a Hertz rental vehicle is 8 months and 16,400 miles.

What if I am late returning the vehicle?

There is a one hour grace period at all locations nationwide.

Is there a limit on the amount of miles I can travel while conducting State of MO business?

There are unlimited miles for all rentals.

Do I fuel a rental vehicle before returning to the branch location?

The contract requires the rental company to provide a full tank of gas upon checkout. If you received a full tank upon checkout, you must return the vehicle with a full tank. If the vehicle had anything less than a full tank and you accepted the vehicle, only match the original fuel amount.

How do I initiate a long term rental?

Book your rental the same way you would any other. In Jefferson City and Columbia, you will need to visit the branch to renew your rental every 4 weeks. For rentals in the St. Louis and Kansas City Markets, rentals can last for up to 330 days.

Am I responsible for preventative maintenance when I utilize a monthly rental?

No, the customer can have the Preventative Maintenance (ie: oil change) done via a Hertz location.

In lieu of having the maintenance performed, the traveler may exchange the vehicle once every three months or 3,000 miles. Customers are encouraged to contact the nearest Hertz Corporate location at least 24 hours in advance. The Multi-Month Department (800-654-7788) can assist in locating and providing contact information for the nearest Corporate location.

Can I use a rental vehicle for personal or non-State business?

No, a rental vehicle according to the State Vehicle Policy is a state vehicle, and the driver and any passengers must be conducting State of Missouri business. However, Hertz will have a Leisure Program available for those personal rental needs.