Vehicle Preapproval Process and Vehicle Credits

Vehicle Preapproval Process

All purchases of expansion or replacement vehicles must be compliant with the Vehicle Acquisition Section of the SP-04 State Vehicle Policy. All new or used vehicle purchases under 10,000 GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) with the exception of law enforcement pursuit vehicles, must be preapproved by the State Fleet Manager. This includes vehicles purchased directly from other agencies or State Surplus Property. Agencies must submit the Vehicle Preapproval Form as soon as possible to facilitate the review of the purchase order.

Vehicle Credit & Insurance Recovery Funds

State Fleet Management administers Vehicle Credit and Insurance Recovery Funds. Vehicle credits are proceeds from the sale of state vehicles through State Surplus Property. Insurance recovery funds are monies recovered on behalf of state agencies by OA Risk Management. These funds are deposited into the OA Revolving Fund and made available to state agencies to use toward the purchase of fleet vehicles.

Please email Fleet Management or call 573-751-4656 to inquire about your agency's vehicle credit and/or insurance recovery balances.