WEX Fuel Card

Manage your account online with the WEXOnline program. With WEXOnline users can perform the following functions:

  • Account Maintenance
  • Flexible Querying
  • View Invoices
  • View Transaction Details
  • Establish and View Purchase Alerts
  • Manage Purchase Controls
  • Station Site Directory
  • Fuel Price Mapping

New users can request access from their agency fleet manager or fuel card program administrator. For technical assistance with WEXOnline, contact WEX at:

Maintenance Program

The WEX card can be used to purchase maintenance services for state vehicles. There are over 700 locations in Missouri where the WEX card can be swiped like a credit card for payment. Charges will appear on the monthly WEX invoice. Additionally, WEX offers a WEXPay™ program that allows for out of network purchases for maintenance and repair at any Mastercard® network utilizing a ghost card (virtual card) interface. WEXPay™ provides a secure payment option within the constraints established for the card. Agencies can call 1-800-438-9140 to speak with a WEX representative concerning a WEXPay™ transaction.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance through the National Automobile Club (NAC) is available for State of Missouri WEX card customers. Drivers can call 1-866-329-3471 or the customer service number listed on the back of each WEX card. The NAC will assist the driver by arranging tow or emergency roadside repairs. Tow or repair charges do apply and will be billed on the WEX card.


Volume and prompt pay rebates are paid by check to each agency. To be eligible for only the volume based rebate, invoices must be paid within 30 calendar days of the invoice date. To be eligible for the prompt pay rebates, WEX offers a tiered rebate incentive. Invoices paid within 10 calendar days are given a greater rebate than those paid within 15 days. Invoices paid after 15 calendar days are not eligible for the prompt pay rebate.

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Strategic Support


Stategic Support can assist with card issues, driver id's, and transaction disputes.

Strategic Account Manager
Tim Derbyshire
Phone: (207) 420-6844
Toll free: 1-800-761-7181

Account Representative
Ryan Paul
Phone: (207) 523-6227
Fax: (207) 791-1687