OA Fleet Telematics

Telematics is the technical term for combining on-board vehicle diagnostics and GPS tracking in order to gather data about the vehicle – data that can be employed to assist in fleet management, flag vehicle problems, and influence driver behavior. Through improved driving habits, OA Fleet Management anticipates saving money, while working with state employees to keep everyone on the road safer. The device will beep to alert the driver if they are driving outside of designated safety thresholds.

Here are the established safer driving thresholds:

  • Speed warning and alerts - continuous beeping at eight miles per hour over the posted speed limit until speed is reduced
  • Harsh braking, hard cornering, or “jack rabbit“ acceleration - 3 quick beeps
  • Extended idling - 1 beep (Allowing a vehicle sit and idle longer than 5 minutes triggers an alert. Reduced idling time will reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions.)

Telematics has also proven to be very useful in the following situations:

  • Assist in locating the vehicle if/when a breakdown occurs
  • Accident/airbag deployment alert if the vehicle is involved in a crash
  • Resolve mileage questions for billing purposes
  • Notification of maintenance/repairs that are needed

To preemptively answer the common question triggered by “GPS tracking” – yes, the device does track the vehicle’s location; however, location tracking is not the primary purpose for implementing a telematics program. OA Fleet Management intends to use telematics as a tool to improve safety, reduce fuel consumption, reduce costs, and improve overall fleet management.

If you have any questions, feel free to call OA Fleet Management at (573) 751-4534 or email fleetmanagement@oa.mo.gov.