Missouri Interagency Recycling Committee (MIRC)

The Missouri Interagency Recycling Committee is an important part of the Missouri State Recycling Program team. The committee, composed of representatives from each branch of state government (executive, judicial, and legislative), helps the program to achieve its mission of partnering with state team members and agencies to facilitate fiscally and environmentally responsible strategies for reuse and recycling of state property.

Executive Departments

Dept. of Agriculture

Dept. of Commerce & Insurance

Dept. of Conservation

Dept. of Corrections

Dept. of Economic Development

Dept. of Elem. & Sec. Education

Dept. of Health & Senior Services

Dept. of Higher Education & Workforce Development

Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations

Dept. of Natural Resources

Dept. of Public Safety

Dept. of Revenue

Environmental Improvement & Energy Resources Authority


Missouri Lottery



Office of Administration

Office of Administration – State Recycling Program


House of Representatives

Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Lt. Governor

Office of the Secretary of State

Office of the State Auditor

Office of the State Treasurer



Office of State Courts Administrator

Supreme Court