MOREuse State Property Reuse Resource

About MOREuse 

MOREuse is your state agency reuse resource. Does your agency have items they no longer need, or are you looking for items on a limited or nonexistent budget? MOREuse can help!

MOREuse is a web-based application managed by the Office of Administration, General Services Division to facilitate disposal of state surplus property. This application encourages reuse and recycling of state property and its use is limited to Missouri state employees.

More than 500 employees currently utilize MOREuse to advertise items that are available to other state agencies or to search for items their office may need. Property exchanged (usually at no cost) can be anything from paper clips to 3-ring binders to office chairs. State agencies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each fiscal year by acquiring property through the MOREuse system.

Property posted or exchanged on MOREuse is for state agency use only. Property is not available to state employees for private use, and may not be donated or sold to any outside agency or individual.

The MOREuse application must be accessed through Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

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