Veteran-Owned Small Businesses utilize Surplus Property

Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) are the newest eligible organizations in the Federal Donation Program, which is operated by the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property (MOSASP).

In 2019, legislation was passed enabling VOSBs to access the program, and in 2021, many began obtaining property from state SASPs.

MOSASP has witnessed a steady increase in the number of VOSBs that want to join the program. Anderson Wood Products is one of several VOSBs who have been utilizing services of MOSASP, which allows them to pay a small service charge for items.

Anderson Wood Products, founded in 2011, first produced dimensional lumber that was sold to hickory handle manufacturers to produce tool handles.

“In 2013, I had the opportunity to purchase a hickory tool handle manufacturing company in Van Buren.  Our business grew fairly quickly. After a devastating loss due to fire in 2015, and the inability to replace the machines that we produced handles on, I decided to open a grade lumber and railroad tie facility in Ellington,” owner Rob Anderson stated.

In 2021, after becoming qualified as a VOSB, Anderson began to acquire equipment from MOSASP and makes frequent visits to the Jefferson City warehouse.

“It has been a great resource for my business. I have acquired everything from hand-tools, and banding carts, all the way up to a Cessna 182 airplane. Each item is as important as the other to the success of my business,” Anderson stated. “I have worked with several people at MOSASP. Everyone has a passion for what they do and go OVER THE TOP in addition to being helpful and knowledgeable. I am very thankful and grateful for what they do and for the program.”

Anderson’s company has been able to save thousands of dollars by utilizing MOSASP, including the Fixed Price Program where he was able to acquire a Cessna airplane. This airplane was under the federal reimbursable property where Anderson’s company paid a service charge of $1,000 to MOSASP and $81,000 to the federal agency. MOSASP is thrilled to be able to offer this program to VOSBs to enable them to stretch their budget dollars ever further during tough economic times.