Christmas Light Collection Locations

Harry S Truman Building 

301 West High Street

Collection in both first and fourth floor entrances

Waste Management Program/Environmental Remediation Program

1730 East Elm Street

Collection in lobby

Lewis & Clark

2001 Riverside

Collection in lunch rooms

Air Pollution Control Program

1659 East Elm 

Collection in lobby

Missouri State Museum

201 West Capitol Drive

Collection at porch and lobby

State Capitol

201 West Capitol Avenue

Collection at the entrance of the House of Representatives garage

Dept. of Agriculture

1616 Missouri Boulevard

Collection in lobby

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)

2302 Militia Drive

Collection in break room/kitchen

Environmental Services Program (ESP)

2710 West Main Street

Collection in lobby

Dept. of Mental Health (DMH)

1706 East Elm

Collection in lobby

Missouri River Regional Library

214 Adams Street

Collection at ground floor

Dept. of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)

912, 920, and 930 Wildwood

Collection in break room/entryway at SPHL and in the lobbies of 912, 920, and 930.

Missouri Geology Survey 

111 Fairgrounds Road, Rolla

Collection in the Buehler Building and annex on Rolla Campus

Dept. of Social Services

1730 East Elm

Collection in break room

Dept. of Transportation 

601 West Main Street

Collection in building A, front lobby